350ml Car Heating Cup 12V

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Always in a rush? Struggling to find time in the morning to enjoy your Coffee or Tea? We have the Gadget for you!

Now the winter months are setting in we must find the best solution for keeping the cold temperatures at bay. Nice thick thermal clothing is the obvious answer, but what else can we do?

 In cold weather, the body’s thirst response is diminished (by up to 40% even when dehydrated). This happens because our blood vessels constrict when we’re cold to prevent blood from flowing freely to the extremities. (If you’ve ever had cold hands in winter, you know the feeling.) This enables the body to conserve heat by drawing more blood to its core.

The short answer is having a nice hot beverage to hand to not only keep your core temperature up but also to keep you Hydrated.

Available in 3 colour and detachable docking station. Ideal for tradesmen working out in the elements, fishermen or someone who is always on the go.

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Power Mode: 12V
Other names: car electric thermos / cup warmer / car kettle
Material: Stainless Steel
Display: Digital LCD display